International investors remain loyal to SA

February 12th, 2015, Published in Articles: EE Publishers, Articles: Energize, Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: Vector


Schneider Electric country manager Eric Leger and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire.

Schneider Electric country manager Eric Leger and CEO Jean-Pascal Tricoire.

Schneider Electric has officially opened a new factory and office campus, the Old Pretoria Road campus, in Midrand, Gauteng. An academy, which is to be used to train clients, staff and entrepreneurs, was also opened officially by the company’s CEO, Jean-Pascal Tricoire, who visited the country to attend the opening.

Addressing the media at the event, Tricoire said the facility is in line with South Africa’s potential for growth in the long term and with the country’s need for localisation. According to Mohamed Saad, the country’s zone president for the Caribbean and Africa regions, economic downturns on the continent are typically short-lived. South Africa’s current economic woes are no deterrent to long-term investors such as Schneider Electric who have maintained their presence here over decades.

Tricoire said the decision to invest in the new facility was not made with the short term in mind, and that Schneider Electric remained optimistic about Africa. It intends to grow its presence throughout the continent and especially in southern African countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zambia.

International investors are targeting the large-scale urbanisation and industrialisation currently widespread in developing countries around the world. This requires Schneider to maintain its global footprint.

To Tricoire, energy efficiency is now more important than ever to the South African economy and sectors such as data centres, which are especially energy-intensive, stand to benefit by technological advances made through research undertaken by the company.


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