Introducing the Electrical Switchgear Association of South Africa

August 13th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

The Electrical Switchgear Association of South Africa (ESASA) is a non-profit industry association representing South African Switchgear OEMs and panel manufacturers.

The operation of ESASA is governed by its code of ethics. As per this code of ethics, ESASA was established to foster mutual respect and trust among suppliers, manufacturers and organisations within the industry regarding market-related trends with other member organisations, clients and the public in general.

ESASA values and upholds the principles of:

  • Honesty.
  • Integrity.
  • Fair dealing.
  • Professionalism.
  • Accountability.
  • Engineering and manufacturing compliance

In line with the ESASA Code of Ethics, member companies and their representatives shall:

  • Conduct business in accordance with accepted principles of honesty and speak truthfully in all business practices to pursue legitimate objectives.
  • Strictly adhere to and comply with current rules, regulations and legislation pertaining to the industry and in business operations.
  • Bring credit to the association and the industry by displaying a high standard of professional behavior to maintain accepted standards and quality of service.
  • Endeavour to understand and fairly represent their own scope of knowledge and ability in performing services.
  • Undertake to treat all knowledge of clients’ intentions or organisational details as confidential, unless they have obtained formal permission to disclose them.
  • Display integrity and fairness in all dealings with clients, competitors and vendors to foster healthy competition and the creation of value.
  • Improve the understanding of technology, its appropriate applications and potential consequences.
  • Be accountable and responsible for business dealings using all reasonable efforts to resolve any disputes of impropriety with members, suppliers, clients or any other party.
  • Refer any questions which may arise from the interpretation of this code to the Executive Committee. The committee may, at its discretion, form an arbitration sub-committee to resolve disputes and will be guided by this code and professional norms at the time the dispute occurs.

Office bearers and EXCO

The current ESASA office bearers and Exco members are:

Office bearers

  • Chairperson: Warren Meredith (Denwa Engineering).
  • Treasurer: Dan Moodley (Siemens).
  • Secretariat: AETEC.
  • Technical Committee Chairperson: Marc Moreau (Sabelco).


  • Johan Basson (JB Switchgear).
  • Bevan Richards (ZEST WEG).
  • Adrian van Wyk (Rockwell Automation).
  • Tony Atkinson (K&S Electrical Automation).
  • Graham Abrahams (ABB).
  • Kovilan Chinnathambi (Schneider Electric).

Recent developments

AETEC has been appointed as the secretariat of ESASA on 1 May 2019. AETEC comprises employees with previous experience of testing at SABS NETFA and, as such, will also aid ESASA in terms of standards and testing interpretation, as well as with future training plans.

AETEC will also represent ESASA at the Working Groups of SABS/IEC committees. ESASA constantly strives to assist its members in their efforts to serve the South African and African switchgear markets. As such, it aims to make regular publications associated with its activities and other industry-related developments through the EE Publishers platforms.

For enquiries and further information please contact Igor at, Tel 011 709 877-5847.

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