Introduction to Relux lighting design program

August 18th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


This course, to be presented in Johannesburg on 21 October 2014, is designed to further the knowledge of and to assist those who would like to obtain a better understanding of the Relux design program. This course has been prepared for students; maintenance staff and managers; designers of all lighting installations and for people who require competency in the computer aided design of lighting installations.

The course will be of value to all people who design lighting systems, in particular:

  • Municipal engineers, technicians and managers.
  • Building and industrial engineers, technicians and managers.
  • Electrical contractors and certified electricians.
  • Lighting equipment suppliers.
  • Electrical engineers – professionals and students requiring competency to design lighting installations.

Course notices and enrollment forms may be downloaded from

Contact Sue Swash, IESSA, Tel 011 476-4171,



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