LED strip lights for uniform lighting

October 11th, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

LED strip lights are fast becoming the most sought-after type of lighting in the market today, primarily due to their low heat emissions, their ability to set the direction of light, create uniform lighting designs and maximise the usage of space. Some of their most common applications include decorative lighting; under-counter/cabinet lighting; backlighting for signs; illumination of pathways and staircases and creating effects around water features and statues. Applications only stretch as far as one’s imagination. Major Tech uses internationally recognised LED chips, high quality raw material, automatic assembly lines and self-encapsulation LEDs for small, medium and high-powered applications. This guarantees the quality, cost and delivery of Veti’s range of LED strips to fulfil the personalised needs of the customer and toaddresses colour, CCT, BIN range and CRI.

Contact Werner Grobelaar, Major Tech, Tel 011 872-5500, werner@major-tech.com

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