LED tips for the end-user

March 14th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


LED lighting is relatively new technology and many end-users are still not familiar with its advantages. This often results in ill-informed purchasing decisions leading, in turn, to negative public opinion on these products. Lighting accounts for up to 25% of the average household and business energy budget. Manufacturers, retailers and distributors should therefore give the end-user the following tips and information:

  • The power used over the lifetime of a filament lamp amounts to between five and ten times the original purchase price of the lamp itself.
  • When purchasing an LED, establish the brightness of the lamp to be replaced in lumens (lm). This will be stated on the packaging.
  • Replace the lamp with an LED of equivalent brightness. For example, to replace a 50 W halogen downlight, choose an LED downlight with a lumen output of +/- 500 lm.
  • Choose between warm and cool light LEDs – cool white light is ideal for task lighting; warm light is used for accent or small-area lighting.
  • Select the correct type of lamp (e.g. downlight, candle, etc.) and the base type (e.g. screw-in, bayonet, two-pin etc.).
  • Choose between standard and dimmable LEDs.

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