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February 17th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


Letters to the editor expressing views, comment and opinion on relevant topics, and or responding to articles or letters previously published, are welcome and highly valued.

Send your letter to the editor either by completing and submitting the form below, or simply email your letter to the editor of EngineerIT at engineerit@ee.co.za.

Letters should be short and to the point, and no longer than 600 words maximum.

The best letter of the month in each of EE Publishers’ magazines stands to win a sponsored prize. The editor’s selection and decision in this regard is final.

Where a submission is controversial, reasonable efforts will be made to ensure that affected persons and organisations are given an opportunity to respond, and that diverse views are solicited and fairly presented.

The editor reserves the right to decide whether or not to publish a letter to the editor, and to shorten or edit the letter to suit the style and length requirements. This is done with due diligence and, where necessary, in conjunction with the author.

Previous winners

  • June 2017:  Luik Descy won an Eco series UPS from PSS Distributors.
  • Nov/Dec 2016:  Roy Ward won an Eco series UPS from PSS Distributors.
  • August 2016: Johan Louw won an Eco series UPS from PSS Distributors.
  • July 2016: Johan Maartens won a Canon X4 IXUS 170 camera.
  • March 2016:  Vivian A MacFadyen won a Canon X4 IXUS 170 camera.
  • November/December 2015:  Mike Dann won a Canon X4 IXUS 170 camera.

Let your voice be heard – send us your letters to the editor and win!

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