Lighting congress and AGM 2019 held

June 14th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

The Illumination Engineering Society of South Africa (IESSA) hosted its 2019 congress and AGM at Intundla Game Lodge in Pretoria from 5 to 7 June. Some 18 papers were presented at the congress, in addition to the society’s AGM and a workshop titled “Making good measurements of LED lighting”.

The keynote address on day 1, titled “Eskom unplugged,” was delivered by EE Publishers MD Chris Yelland, who, among others, called for a restructuring of Eskom and the electricity supply industry in four steps: a separation of generation, transmission and distribution into subsidiaries of Eskom Holdings; turning Eskom’s transmission function into a separate independent systems and market operator (ISMO) as a separate state-owned entity; an unbundling of Eskom Generation and a competitive generation sector through independent power producers and small-scale embedded generation (SSEG), and rationalisation of the power distribution industry from 190 distributors to a smaller number of viable, wall-to-wall regional electricity distributors.

Presentations covered updates from the International Commission on Illumination (CIE); the standard of lighting in South Africa; changes in human colour perception with age; control systems; electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) considerations for LED lighting and a report on the fifth BRICS solid-state lighting collaboration.

Other topics included the future of LED photometry (keynote); discussions on stadium lighting; lighting for clinical observation of cyanosis; lighting for horticulture; motives and metrics for light source selection and a look at the past, present and future of lighting. The keynote on day 3 discussed creating with light and was followed by a discussion on the Industry Waste Management Plan for Lighting and a paper on lighting in the circular economy.

The new council members were elected during the society’s AGM on 6 June




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