Lightning, surge protection for poultry farm

June 11th, 2019, Published in Articles: Vector

DEHN Africa provided rooftop solar power to a Chubby Chick poultry farm in Potchefstroom. Chubby Chick appointed Motla Consulting Engineers to design and install a solar PV system and DEHN Africa worked with Motla on the design of the lightning protection system (LPS). Motla Consulting Engineers and Einstein Electrical constructed and installed the solar system and contracted Rolling Sphere Lightning Protection (RSLP) to carry out the external lightning protection and earthing installation. DEHN then signed off the LPS. It was necessary to protect the facility and its electronics system from lightning and surges from nearby strikes. Air termination rods had to be adapted during installation because of the scale of the premises. External lightning protection helps avoid damage at the strike point itself, while surge protection devices assist in the prevention of downstream damage from strike-related surges. This complex project is noted for the collaboration between the different companies involved. Multiple buildings and an extensive communications system were protected.

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