Lightweight aluminium power transmission cables

August 28th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


WK Alu Power CableHelukabel has introduced Heluwind WK Powerline Alu cable – a cost effective and lightweight aluminium power transmission cable which is ideal for South African conditions as it reduces cost, simplifies transport requirements, offers ease of installation and even reduces the risk of theft which is associated with copper power transmission cables. The new aluminium power cables are a fraction of the cost of copper cables and offer similar performance characteristics and lifespan. The cable is considerably lighter and as a result is far easier to transport and install. In certain instances the light weight of the cable may even reduce the cost of support mechanisms and cable trays. The cables are available in 0,6/1 kV and 1,8/3 kV variants. A range of aluminium cable lugs and compression connectors are available, as well as aluminium to copper components to join the two different materials where required.

Contact Doug Gunnewegh, Helukabel South Africa, Tel: 011 462-8752,


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