Wall mount load cell indicator

June 12th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT



loadtech__Attachment-1The LT1300 wall mount load cell indicator is a precision digital indicator for load cell and strain gauge applicaıons. Its high brightness six-digit seven-segment 20 mm LED displays and the sunlight readable graphic LCD display make for easy setup and readability. A simple menu system allows for easy configuraıon of display and load cell settıngs. The load cell calibratıon can be done directly from the load cell calibratıon cerıficate or from using known weights. A universal mains switch mode power supply (85-264 V AC) is provided as standard, but an optıonal low voltage (10- 30 V DC) isolated power supply or a high voltage (25-70 V DC) isolated power supply can be installed. The LT1300 contains precision front end circuitry for high accuracy and stability. The load cell bridge excitatıon voltage can be field selectable for 5 V DC or 10 V DC and provides for a Kelvin sensed feedback to compensate for cable loss.

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