Local PV manufacturer increases output

March 30th, 2016, Published in Articles: Energize

It has been suggested that the introduction of imported UPS systems did more damage to our country’s energy security than good because we now have more batteries which need charging. Instead of saving energy, we actually increased the load on the grid. Microcare is committed to building quality solar components to assist in building a better South Africa. The company says despite soaring exchange and interest rates, the prices of its products will remain unchanged to ensure the local market remains supported. Last year was a significant year for this local solar component manufacturer which is based in Nelson Mandela Bay. Over 5000 units have been produced locally producing 16 MW of peak installation capacity. This is the equivalent power of a wind farm in the region powering thousands of homes and reducing demand on the grid. The impact has been incredible in contributing to the energy future of South Africa with Microcare set to increase manufacturing capacity again in 2016 with the launch of new products and the demand for local innovation increasing.

Contact Gareth Burley, Microcare, Tel 041 453-5761, marketing@microcare.co.za

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