Local wire plant upgraded

December 13th, 2017, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: PositionIT

Wilec has installed two new magnet wire enamelling machines at its Midrand production facility. These machines will enhance production efficiency and offset rising input costs. The new machines, comprising two production lines each, replace 40-year old copper magnet wire enamelling lines at the plant.

The acquisition of the two new machines represents the first phase of the upgrade of the enamelled magnet wire plant. The first phase covered the production lines for the product in the 0,2 to 1,25 mm diameter size range, while the second phase, which is due to be put into effect this year, will cover the larger sizes. The machines can also produce enamelled aluminium magnet wire, in addition to the copper magnet wire already being produced, which will enable the company to enter the local enamelled aluminium magnet wire market for the first time with a competitively priced local product.

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