Long range multi-band receiver with long battery life

March 27th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Emlid recently introduced its Reach RS2 high spec multi-band RTK GNSS receiver. Using L1/L2 bands on GPS, Glonass and BeiDou and L1/L5 on Galileo make it possible to get a fixed solution in seconds, even when the base station is several kilometres away. Its multi-feed antenna with stable phase centre and multipath rejection ensure precise and fast fixes every time. The internal battery is industrial grade LiFePO4 that handles both high and low temperatures well and can work for 16 hours with RTK and 3.5G switched on. Logging only raw data in RINEX the working time extends to 22 hours. The receive can fully charge over USB-C in three to four hours, and operation time can be extended with either a USB power bank connector or any 6 to 40 V DC power source. The LoRa radio in the RS2 has ultra-high sensitivity while keeping compatibility with earlier Reach receivers. Known for its long-range performance, LoRa is used to connect rover to base when internet-delivered corrections are not available. Engineered to be durability, the main body is manufactured in a two-step injection process that makes IP67 shockproof, and protect all connectors from water and dust with silicone plugs.

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