Low-frequency pure sine wave inverters

July 2nd, 2018, Published in Articles: Vector

The Ellies MP inverter range is ideal for surge protection in small-scale power generation and household backup systems. They are low-frequency pure sine wave inverters with built-in transfer switches to provide the same features as uninterruptible power supplies. These inverters convert DC power from a battery into 230 V AC pure sine wave power and are ideal for TVs, stereos, laptops and home appliances, along with sensitive electronics and appliances with inductive loads. They can handle up to three times their load for short periods. For example, a 6 KW low frequency pure sine wave inverter unit can start a load of up to 18 KW. The Ellies MP range features built-in pure copper transformers, a dry contact for use in conjunction with a generator for start-up and shut-down; automatic 3-stage battery charger; adjustable charge current functionality and 5 DIP switches which enable the user to customise operation.

Contact Jean Joubert, Ellies Electronics, Tel 011 490-3819, jean.joubert@ellies.co.za

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