Magnetic sensors for ingress resistance

February 24th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector

Ifm Electronic’s magnetic sensors offer ingress resistance in all media. Thanks to their full-metal housing, the units are not only used in long-life applications in hygienic areas and the food industry, but also in mechanically demanding applications on telescope and swivel arms or on industrial trucks.

ifm-electronics-055-02-2014The MFS211 sensors can be installed behind covers such as stainless steel, which ensures inexpensive and fast mounting. Drilling in stainless steel or adjustment for flush installation is not necessary. Thanks to the tolerant response behaviour, reliable switch-point detection is ensured even with high mechanical tolerances. The sensors are also used for cleaning pipes to detect pigs through pipe walls, and offer long sensing ranges even through non-magnetisable metals, plastic or glass. The switch point is extremely temperature stable and reproducible. The food-grade, full-metal housing offers IP 69K up to 100°C.

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