Magnetically controlled shunt reactors – a new type of FACTS device

May 12th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize


The need for more efficient electricity systems management has given rise to innovative technologies in power generation and transmission. Worldwide transmission systems are undergoing continuous changes and restructuring. They are becoming more heavily loaded and are being operated in ways not initially forecasted. Transmission systems must be flexible to react to more diverse generation and load patterns.

Flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS) devices are used for the dynamic control of voltage, impedance and phase angle of high voltage AC lines. FACTS devices provide strategic benefits for improved transmission system management and operation efficiency through better utilisation of existing transmission assets; increased transmission system reliability and availability; increased grid stability as well as increased quality of supply.


The economical utilisation of transmission system assets is very important for utilities to remain competitive and to survive. A magnetically controlled shunt reactor (MCSR) is a new type of FACTS device which is used for voltage stabilisation and reactive power control in transmission and distribution networks and at the level of industrial consumers…more

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