Majuba output continues to increase

November 10th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize, Featured: Energize


The latest news from Eskom is that its Majuba power station’s output has increased to 1900 MW. Majuba suffered the collapse of one of its three coal silos on 1 November 2014, and the utility reduced the station’s output to 600 MW. Since then, Eskom has managed to increase the station’s output progressively to its current level of 1900 MW – almost 50% of the station’s design output.

The utility reports that four of the six units at Majuba are in operation and will be available to meet full load during peak periods. In the meantime, internal and external investigators are being afforded the opportunity to review the incident in detail, the damage is being assessed, risks are being identified and a recovery programme is being rolled out.  The utlity has released a presentation which explains the background to the collapse and its recovery plan. The investigation could take between three to six months to finalise.

Click on the link below for the Eskom presentation.

Presentation on Majuba and the current state of the power system – 07 November 2014


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