Managing multiple mining projects

March 17th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Passport 360 is a cloud-based platform to enhance performance in procurement and onboarding times. It allows for improved visibility with regard to compliance, time and safety, and risk management, resulting in increased productivity. This results in a safer and more productive workplace. The platform allows project owners to set compliance requirements and standards against multiple projects. This avoids the issue of inconsistency across sites, which often results in confusion, unnecessary travel time, duplications, cost inflation, and added risk. Contractors can link to projects they are working on, which gives them immediate insight into all of their specific HSE compliance requirements. Completed documents can be uploaded against the specific requirements, either via mobile or web applications. Once all of the individual requirements have been met, the full pack may be submitted for final approval of the workflow, ensuring full contractor compliance. This reduces the administration time and cost for all stakeholders. Passport 360’s seamless integration into ERP systems can give contractors the ability to access back-end information with negligible security risk to the corporate client’s ERP.

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