Mapping the Ebola outbreak in Liberia

September 30th, 2014, Published in Articles: PositionIT


utah-229-10-2014Addressing Homes, a US company specialising in geospatial location technology, has found itself in the midst of the Ebola crisis with the ability to provide mapping technology that is vital to accurately tracking the position of victims, the location of clinics, and identifying outbreak trends. The company is providing its technology free of charge to Liberia as emergency assistance. Addressing Homes has been developing the technology over the past seven years for the purpose of providing uniform addressing capabilities to undeveloped regions. It has developed portable devices that use mobile mapping technology to produce an instant latitude/longitude location for any dwelling, structure or pathway down to 2,7 m2 at any point in the world. By mapping the location of outbreaks (and the location of clinics), officials in Liberia and in the World Health Organization (WHO) are better equipped to accurately identify trends and to route victims more quickly to the clinics that can provide them with help. In addition to supporting WHO, the company is working to establish the Global Addressing System to support Liberia and other underdeveloped regions with consistent addressing information that can speed up their progress.

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