Medupi’s ash conveyor commissioned

November 18th, 2014, Published in Articles: Energize, Featured: Energize


Medupi’s overland ash conveyor was successfully commissioned and operated from the DCS for the first time. The ash overland conveyor will transport the boiler bottom ash via the Unit 6 coarse ash, transverse ash and the overland link conveyor which includes the fly ash from the pulse jet fabric filter plant and ash conditioning plant, to the ash dump area situated on the western side of the Medupi power station.

Construction Update on Medupi - 13Nov140004

The conveyor is 1,8 m wide and about 2,8 km long with a capacity of 2100 tons of ash per hour. The burner commissioning programme has virtually been completed and the first mill is planned to go into service this week. The commencement of the blow-through process will follow thereafter.

Contact Dikatso Mametse, Eskom, Tel 011 800-3304,


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