Three-phase brushless DC companion device

November 28th, 2013, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Microchip announces a new three-phase BLDC motor gate driver with power module: the MCP8024.  This new device includes functions that power dsPIC digital signal controllers (DSCs) and PIC microcontrollers (MCUs) with capabilities to drive six N-channel MOSFETs.  Customers can implement improved performance and high robustness, providing increased efficiency and lowering system cost while reducing time to market. The MCP8024 operates across a wide voltage range of 6 V to 28 V and can withstand transient voltage up to 48V.  The device provides high-integration analogue, such as three current-sensing operational amplifiers; an over-current comparator; MOSFET drivers and a bidirectional communication interface for a complete motor system design.  The configurable driver dead-time management; driver blanking-time control; and over-current limit (OCL) for external MOSFETs, offer a significant increase in flexibility.  The adjustable step-down DC-to-DC converter powers a broad range of microcontrollers with the efficiency benefits of a switch-mode power supply. In addition, the wide operating temperature range, from -40 to +150°C (H-temp), allows the MCP8024 to be used in harsh environments such as automotive under-hood applications.    

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