Mobile mapping for evaluating road expansion

July 20th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The Traffic Management Bureau of Foshan city China recently used the Kolidak 100 Ultra-light mobile mapping system to evaluate its Deshengdong Road Expansion Project. This roadway as-built acceptance survey recorded an 8,14 km long urban roadway which was already open to traffic. This mobile system was configured with a Velodyne VLP-16 lidar sensor which has 16-channel and 100 m laser scanning range. The lidar can collect georeferenced 3D spatial data at a rate of 300 thousand points per second. It was also equipped with Ladybug 5+, a 30 MP camera with six lenses for street view imaging. The Novatel OEM-615 positioning and orientating system, with a Novatel Stim-300 inertial measurement unit, were incorporated to provide trajectory information for the lidar sensor data. The whole system weighs only 1,5 kg before installing camera, so that user can mount K100 system onto a ground vehicle or a multi-rotor UAV. In 35 days the survey had to produce a 1:500 topographic map, transverse and vertical section data, vector map of the road, and deviation table of the roadway and piles – all at an accuracy expectation of 5 cm horizontally and 3 cm vertically.

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