Mobile system for a comprehensive asset analysis

January 11th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Asco-Daito has taken delivery of the Pave-Scanner pavement mobile mapping system, a 360° infrastructure and pavement surface inspection and classifications system from Siteco. The system includes two Pavemetrics LCMS sensors, two 3D laser profiling sensors, a high-performance rackmount controller unit, a Ladybug 5 spherical camera, and a pair of high resolution frame grabber boards. The software provides complete functionality for mission planning, data acquisition, post-processing, quality control and defect extraction. Engineered to be flexible, the LCMS technology has been adapted to the inspection needs of a variety of infrastructure, including road pavement condition evaluation, railway condition evaluation, detection of foreign object debris at airports, and high-speed-train-tunnel vault lining inspection. The Siteco Road Scanner platform is fully integrated with the LCMS vision system for a high-performance, cost effect surface inspection system. The system can collect asset and pavement data in a single survey. The complete 3D lidar and imagery infrastructure survey solution provides a comprehensive analysis of all asset maintenance conditions. All data are accurately geo-referenced and managed in a single environment with the company’s software.

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