Monthly water monitoring platform to include volumes

March 24th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

The Mzansi Amanzi (Water South Africa) monthly water monitoring platform allows insight into surface water resources across South Africa. Knowing where the water is important, but knowing how much is available is critical. The GTI-Ekosource partnership has elevated the information content of the water monitoring service to now include water volume information as well as water location. Initially this is available for ±250 individual key national dams, but will soon be expanded to include additional individual strategic dams, followed by quaternary-level total volume summaries, inclusive of all farm-level dam content. This will give resource managers and users access to a total picture of landscape wetness and water availability, allowing accurate risk evaluation and mitigation planning. The availability of earth observation data coupled a new set of algorithms developed by the two companies will produce the enhanced time series data display with the option to view historical surface water extents and volumes (since January 2016). Information is separated into four different categories, namely; large dam infrastructure, medium and strategic dam infrastructure, small dam infrastructure intercepting streams and small dam off channel storage. This will enable improved water management decisions particularly as it provides critical insight in unmonitored catchments.

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