New drone camera video mapping and photogrammetry features

March 23rd, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

In addition to its existing DJI video mapping capabilities, Remote Geo is offering some new advanced DJI drone mapping capabilities in the latest release of its LineVision Desktop Ultimate edition. With Camera Target Footprint users can now use geotagged video metadata provided in the flight record log text files to view where the camera is pointing on the ground with an outline or footprint representing the content of the video on the earth. This provides similar capabilities to traditional MISB full motion video files captured from more exotic gyro-stabilised gimbal cameras but without having to waste valuable time trying to create properly formatted spreadsheets or CSV files. The Litchi App Flight Log Support lets users who opt to use the Litchi DJI app to geotag their video using the CSV log files created for a more interactive and professional post-flight mapping and analysis experience. Users can also speed up the processing of your DJI imagery in Pix4D and related photogrammetry software. Initial testing has shown the additional metadata provided by the LineVision Desktop output CSV can be up to ten times faster than only using the traditional geotagged photos.

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