Automating an old, existing plant

November 25th, 2013, Published in Articles: Vector

Automating an existing plant could save considerable funds, converting it to modern monitoring methods and keep staff happily familiar with their existing equipment. As an additional bonus, if  certain levels of spare parts are retained, it could also save considerable inventory costs. Training of operations personnel will be kept to an absolute minimum as so very little will have been altered. Introducing the solution is very simple. The NewElec MA or NewCode range of motor protection and control relays may be used to achieve this goal as both facilitate utilising the existing control voltage of the plant / MCC (24 to 220 V AC or DC). All that is required to achieve the desired automation is a minor manipulation of the existing control circuit layout and the acquisition of a suitable PLC. To achieve this end NewElec will also render the necessary expertise. The existing plant can be transformed into a modernised, automated and well controlled operation.

Contact: Luc Dutrieux, NewElec, Tel 012 327-1729,

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