New ground control points refine satellite imagery precision

August 4th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Airbus’ new series of ground control points (GCPs) gives centimetre level accuracy and higher points density. These highly precise 3D coordinates are automatically extracted from Airbus’ high-resolution stereo radar imagery, using a geodesy processor. GCPs are essential for accurate orthorectification of aerial, optical satellite and drone data, as well as precise localisation of ground features, landmark detection and target recognition. Furthermore, GCPs are used to calibrate and validate all types of map data. As radar satellites acquire data 24 hours a day regardless of darkness and or weather conditions, they allow rapid imagery collection irrespective of the location. Combined with this new automatic geodesy processor, radar data enables prompter processing and delivery of GCPs. Thanks to their higher accuracy, the Airbus GCPs are able to complement and even substitute in-situ measurements. This enables time and cost savings while providing a homogeneous data source. This new datasets can support topographic and cadastre mapping from 1:10000 to 1:2500 scales, as well as automotive (HD) mapping. These applications all require highly accurate reference data over large areas to be regularly updated, harmonised and rapidly available.

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