New lighting for MIT dome

June 9th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


lighting-mitThe iconic Great Dome at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT’s) Building 10 now boasts a new LED lighting design which has revealed the full grandeur of the dome and the oculus, a 27-foot skylight, for the first time. Designed by Boston-based Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting and supplied by Lumenpulse, the solution is said to have transformed the reading room into a modern, 24-hour space for students. The lighting is designed to emphasise the architecture and the height of the building, as well and the depth of the coffers. Lumenfacade fixtures were used to light the dome and to increase ambient light. They were aimed meticulously to ensure that the depth of the shadows on each coffer matched perfectly. The Great Dome has been a landmark building on the MIT campus since 1916. The dome’s oculus was reopened this year as part of a six-year renovation and restoration project, which sought to restore the building’s original design features.

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