New multivariate query tool and 3D functions

March 9th, 2018, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Blue Marble Geographics Global Mapper version 19.1 intermediate release augments the list of new features and functions that were introduced in version 19.0 with new tools and improvements to the existing functionality. Highlights of this release include a redesigned attribute querying tool; a new option to save and export 3D lines from the Path Profile tool; support for drag-and-drop docking of most floating windows; and the ability to create a 3D mesh in the lidar module’s Pixels-to-Points tool. The new multivariate attribute search tool supports advanced user-defined functions and expressions. The interface also incorporates the attribute join and calculate tools, creating a consolidated location for all attribute management functions. Version 19.1 also expands drag-and-drop widow docking options with the map layout editor, coordinate converter, and 2D map views now dockable around the primary map window. The update comes with an enhanced 3D viewer, allowing the user more precise control over the process of zooming and panning. The popular Path Profile tool now includes the option to capture the linear path of a profile line as a 3D vector line feature.

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