New projection and cartesian coordinate system put on hold

May 23rd, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT, Featured: PositionIT

Following a call for comments on the proposed new projection and new cartesian coordinate system for the South African spatial referencing system, the Chief Directorate: National Geospatial Information (NGI) said comments has not resulted in a clear way forward at this stage.

The NGI received a good response, which it has reviewed and for which it thank respondents. Comments indicated two camps of thought on the matter, namely, those in favour of the proposal and those against it. Those in favour of the change are mostly from the geospatial information science and related field and those not in favour of the change are mostly from the cadastral surveying and related field. Some of the comments were well motivated, indicating legal or regulatory compliance implications.

It has been decided to have further engagements on the matter, including more detailed explanations of the various options and the various implications thereof. These engagements will also be open to consider further alternatives, if so required. The NGI will also engage with the various voluntary associations to explore opportunities for these sessions, and industry will be notified when such sessions are planned and encourage further contribution.

There is no requirement nor expectation to make any change to current ways of work until a decision has been made, in which case adequate notice will be given of such change prior to the implementation date.

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