New satellites, contracts and programmes for cubesat company

May 27th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

In April, Planet launched 20 next-generation Dove satellites into orbit. The Flock 4a satellites were placed into a 500km sun synchronous orbit with a mid-morning crossing time. A few days later the satellite company announced that the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) has extended its 2018 contract and renewed it for an additional six months and $5,9-million. Through this contract, Planet will continue to provide NGA by with subscription access to daily imagery over select areas to support mission objectives at the agency. This is the company’s third contract with NGA since 2016. In the same month the company signed a multi-million dollar agreement with NASA to provide earth observation data for the identification and tracking of the Essential Climate Variables. Through this agreement, space agency will provide the company’s data to more than 35 NASA ongoing research projects in order to evaluate how Planet’s commercial dataset can augment its own earth science data, including the MODIS, GEDI and ICESat-2 missions, among others. All three of Planet’s datasets – Dove, RapidEye and SkySat imagery – will contribute to NASA’s activities. The company also announced the Planet Launch Programs, which are designed to lower the barrier to entry and ensure its customers can integrate Planet products into their workflows.

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