New technical committee to address sub-standard product

August 29th, 2014, Published in Articles: Vector


The Johannesburg branch of IESSA convened a special committee meeting on 5 August 2014 to address the growing influx of sub-standard and unsafe LEDs and components into the country and their effects on established and professional market players. These products, mainly from the Orient, lead to confusion and disappointment in LED technology among end-users, effectively limiting market growth.

The objectives of the meeting, which was chaired by Henk Rotman from Philips Lighting SA and attended by some 50 IESSA members, was to define the challenges and common goals and to formulate a plan of action. Also on the agenda was the importance of making industry and end-users aware of the dangers and disadvantages of these products, as well as the role of standards and their implementation.

From left are Valdi Pereira, Deon van Vuuren, Connie Jonker, Donna Coghill and Henk Rotman.

The committee agreed on a dual education campaign aimed at end-users and industry players respectively, as the former are removed from assemblers and distributors in terms of the distribution chain. The choice of LED solutions is usually made by architects, engineers or contractors.

The fledgling South African LED market is particularly vulnerable to non-compliant imports and it was pointed out that the lighting industry is in need of stricter regulation.

The relationship between the SABS and NRCS is a matter of concern for local assemblers and a solution must be found to bring both test houses on board to implement standards and so create a level playing field and promote of quality products.

In terms of standards policing, it was pointed out that, while SABS standards are voluntary and cannot be written into law, NRCS standards do have this potential. Even so, many local assemblers fail to conduct proper testing. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for this month.

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