Radiation monitors for Angolan custom officials

November 13th, 2013, Published in Articles: Energize

The OEN Enterprises’ section representing ThermoScientific radiation detection instrumentation recently supplied various radiation monitors to the Angolan Customs Department for use at their entry points to detect radioactive material. The order included interceptors, personal dosimeters, and sensitive radiation detectors. The company’s electronic personal dosimeter (EPD) reliably alerts personnel of potentially dangerous ionising radiation when working in radioactive areas. Together with its range of software solutions, the EPD is suitable for all dosimeter applications. Easy to use, the unit, together with its advanced radiological performance and multidetector technology, provides an excellent response to gamma, beta and x-radiation. Orphan source radiation is a dangerous global phenomena as traces of radiation sources show up unexpectedly in scrap yards, border crossings, or numerous other public locations and can be considered a significant potential threat.

Contact Mauritz van Niekerk, OEN Enterprises, Tel 011 675-4447, mauritz@oenenterprises.co.za

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