Offline map tiles and improved SDK for developers

September 16th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Developers can now download as many offline map tiles as they want on Mapbox’s pay-as-you-go plan. Get started by upgrading to the latest Maps SDKs for iOS and Android, then adjust the offline tile limits. Offline maps usage will be metered as requests for the Vector or Raster tiles API and can be tracked in the account dashboard. Mapbox also launched new client-side cache management APIs in its Maps SDKs for Android, iOS, and the web, giving developers more control over caching. Developers can now implement methods that clear a user’s cached tiles on-demand, letting them determine when map data and tileset updates take effect. The cache management APIs are available starting versions 8.2 of the Maps SDK for Android, 5.2 for iOS, and 1.2 for web.

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