Open pit surveying solution adds automated tools

March 24th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Datamine Software’s new survey solution which exclusively caters to the needs of open pit mine surveyors is usable with all commodities, and which streamline the process of everyday survey tasks. Built on the Studio platform, Studio Survey includes key features such as automated reporting tools that not only eliminates a lot of manual work, but is also highly repeatable and reduces chances of input error. It also has intelligent CAD tools that reduces the time to append survey data, and requires less user input. The solution also features simple drag and drop functionality for a large range of file types from various software packages, making it easy to import files such as historical datasets, drone and point cloud datasets. It also includes easy-to-use DTM tools for creating DTMs and calculating volumes. The company has increased the automation of its CAD tools as well as the reporting capabilities of its EOM reporting tools. These functions make up a toolkit for surveyors working in an open pit environment as it will save them time and effort by reducing manual processes. Other milestones include the completion of the blast volume reporting tool whilst the survey instrument integration feature is also reaching completion.

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