Open source GIS software packages updated

September 8th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

Version 13.0 of the ​OSGeoLive GIS software collection has been released at the ​International Conference for Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) in Bucharest, Romania. It was handed out to delegates and used in many workshops. OSGeoLive is a ​Lubuntu-based distribution of geospatial open source software, available via a virtual machine, USB and DVD. OSGeoLive is pre-installed with robust open source geospatial software, which can be trialed without installing anything. Highlights for this release include new applications ​MapCache, ​GeoExt, ​t-rex, ​and actinia, as well as additional Python modules like Fiona, rasterio, cartopy, pandas, geopandas, and mappyfile. The documentation for the software has also been improved, and four new translations added, meanin it now supports English, Deutsch, Spanish, Finish, French, Italian, Japanese and Hungarian. Many of the included package versions have also been updated. Version 13.0 has improved the Python experience a lot. With the introduction of Jupyter, OSGeoLive can be used in Python training, which supports the rising usage and relevance of Python in geospatial architectures. During the FOSS4G community sprint a new Romanian translation was added.

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