Half-size form-factor module

August 16th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Option Wireless Technology has released GTM661W, a half-size Mini PCIe form-factor module into the South African market. The module, with a powerful Qualcomm chipset, utilises an industry-standard and multi-vendor footprint, Mini-PCIe. In order to complement their range of full-sized Mini-PCIe modules, Option Wireless Technology now provides the same features such as 14,4 Mbps HSPA connectivity, embedded WiFi (host and slave stack) and full TCP/IP stack in a space-saving (26,8 x 30 x 4,2 mm) package. Option Wireless Technology has gone one step further than simply providing reduced form-factor for future designs; they have recognised that many existing embedded solutions have been laid out to cater for full-sized modules, and for this reason provide optional mounting plates, which allow the half sized modules to be physically mounted on the same mounting holes previously designed to accommodate full-sized modules.

Contact Christopher Viveiros, Otto Wireless, Tel 011 791-1033,

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