Interface connectors with high voltage capability

October 8th, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Hirose   have introduced the PQ series to meet with the demand for high performing interface connectors with high voltage capability supporting NFPA79 compliant cable for industrial equipment. The connector range consists of cable plugs and in-line or panel mount receptacles. The panel mount receptacle is user-friendly and can be easily assembled. This is achieved by unlocking the housing lock to detach the outer connector shell from the inner housing to allow easy termination of the contacts into the rear of the housing. The receptacle can be mounted to the front or the rear side of the panel. The crimp contacts utilised by the receptacle have a protective wall that prevents deformation of the contact and contact snare. The internal structure of the crimp contact features three special contact points to guarantee contact reliability. The cable plug has a simplified one step cable assembly procedure. The cable clamping and grounding process are completed at the same time.

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