GPS modules with onboard chip antennas

February 4th, 2013, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

GlobalTop Technology, locally represented by Otto Wireless Solutions, has announced the release of its latest range of integrated GPS modules. The two devices, GMS-G6A and GMS-U6B, add to the already well-established family of highly integrated GPS modules, incorporating added functionality vs traditional, simple, GPS modules. The devices make use of MT3333 and MT3339 chipsets from MTK. GMS-G6A is a dual-system module, supporting GPS L1, Glonass L1 and Galileo E1 frequency bands; whereas GMS-U6B supports only GPS L1 frequency band.Both modules are delivered in a compact 16 x 16 x 2,1 mm SMD package, and incorporate an onboard chip antenna. With an impressive -148dBm acquisition sensitivity and simple UART interface, the GMS-U6B is further enhanced by the addition of GTop’sAlwayslocate, EASY, EPO and logger function. Ground planes on both sides of the module enhance the antenna efficiency and provide optimal GPS signal reception. Gtop provide a full application note, detailing everything which the designer must consider when laying out for these modules.

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