Reduced form-factor for designs

July 31st, 2012, Published in Articles: EngineerIT

Option Wireless Technology has released GTM661W, a half-size Mini PCIe form-factor module into the South African market. It has a powerful Qualcomm chipset and utilses the only industry-standard and multi-vendor footprint, Mini-PCIe. In order to complement its range of full-sized Mini-PCIe modules, Option Wireless Technology now provides features such as 14,4 Mbps HSPA connectivity, Embedded WiFi (host and slave stack) and full TCP/IP stack in a space-saving (26,8 x 30 x 4,2 mm) package. By addressing the M2M market with these modules, which were initially designed for white goods such as laptops and tablets, Option Wireless Technology also caters for reduced IP charges which are applicable to the industrial market sector; whereas in the past these modules would carry a heavy price-tag as a result of catering for all features such as voice. As consumers start demanding more and more “real-time” features, the demand for powerful, HSPA devices is expected to rise. Mini-PCIe is said to be the only form-factor which is common to more than one manufacturer, and has standard, defined pinouts, making it the logical choice for any design where longevity and long-term logistic support need to be considered.

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