Partnership allows for global solar PV distribution

October 9th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: Vector

Sharp says its global reach is unparalleled in terms of solar power. The company has been distributing panels for 60 years, longer than the longest warranty on any of its products. Over a million customers worldwide have purchased Sharp’s products and, with in excess of 50-million panels distributed, it is said to have produced 14,3 GW of solar power since its formation, equating to a total CO2 avoidance of 156 megatons. The company has been awarded the EuPD Top Brand award across several countries over the years. Its products are environmentally certified by VDE, TÜV and ISO. SegenSolar brings these products to South African shores. Thanks to this relationship, installers countrywide can access Sharp’s products exclusively through SegenSolar. With the company’s warehouses in Johannesburg and Cape Town, its modules have never been more accessible. SegenSolar is said to hold the industry’s longest-standing solar experience and the renewed line-up of modules offers a solution for every application.

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