Pattern capture add-on for photo-modelling software

June 6th, 2019, Published in Articles: PositionIT

PhotoModeler recently released version 2019.1.0 of its software, which contains 59 improvements and fixes. The most significant new feature is the Pattern Capture Add-on for 2D template and pattern digitisation, aimed at users who work with textiles and have a need to accurately digitise large patterns. In many textile industries and industries that fabricate complex 2D shapes, there is a need to digitise templates and patterns. More and more of the work of fabrication involves CAD and CAM. CAM involves computerised cutters and formers. Capturing a complex shape in the field or client site can be done a number of ways – one of those is a paper or mylar template. To get from a flat physical template to the CAD and CAM stage means digitising the template pattern outline or drawn-lines. While PhotoModeler is often used as a 3D modelling tool, it is suited for efficient and accurate capture of 2D patterns.  Some of the benefits of using a camera with this software the capturing of large patterns, the flexibility of working in your favourite CAD software, and accurate and cost-effective pattern digitsation. The software can also be used for full 3D measurement and templating.

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