PCB analyser for printed circuit board impedance testing

February 18th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT


agilent-076-03-2014Agilent Technologies recently introduced the E5063A PCB analyser for printed circuit board impedance testing in manufacturing. The solution offers technology breakthroughs in accuracy, and repeatability and reproducibility (R&R). The analyser also provides a dedicated user interface with broader language support, and more robustness against electrostatic discharge for PCB manufacturing environments. Tighter impedance tolerance is a direct result of increasing data rates. More accurate impedance test solutions for PCB manufacturing is now required to achieve signal integrity. This analyser meets that demand by providing advanced error-correction methods to enhance measurement accuracy and R&R. These enhancements help improve yield for PCB impedance test. The ESD protection circuit now available on this analyser helps overcome the serious ESD damage that traditional PCB measurement solutions can encounter. The highly robust architecture of E5063A protects it from ESD damage, minimising downtime and repair.

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