Plastic waste to energy converter solves pollution problem

February 13th, 2019, Published in Articles: Energize

Recor says its “swallow all” technology can convert waste into electricity, gas, heat, steam and even liquid fuels. The company says it has developed a world first containerised solution that delivers stored power and water from any type of waste. This is ideal for disaster relief programmes, remote off-grid communities, islands, war zones, etc. Apparently its gasifiers are robust and simple, and made for third world countries. Its plastics to diesel solutions are a real answer for the growing plastics problem, being able to produce pump-grade diesel or marine-grade fuel from all types of plastics. Island communities can convert all the waste on their island into energy and use that energy to desalinate water. Other applications include sorting and converting municipal solid waste into energy, removing the need to transport waste to large landfills or mass burn facilities. The future is here for decentralised green waste to energy conversion, the company says.

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