Partnership aids big data analysis

The integration of Esri’s ArcGIS Platform with MarkLogic’s Enterprise NoSQL database platform provides real-time access to highly diverse data sources for the defense and intelligence communities. New functionality from the integration of the Esri and MarkLogic technologies includes use of the ArcGIS mapping APIs to build a web interface for visualising, querying, and interacting with […]

Smallest GNSS antenna module unveiled

Global Navigation Systems’ (GNS)  new GNSS antenna module, the GNS 802 antenna module, is based on CSR´s SiRFstarV chip and  includes a well matched tiny chip antenna to povide the best performance on a 10 x 16 mm outline. Due to its capability to use GPS and GLONASS at the same time, the GNS 802 […]

Automated monitoring solution

The Gexcel Open Pit Mine Monitoring System (OPMMS) for the Optech ILRIS Terrestrial Laser Scanner incorporates the combined expertise of Optech and Gexcel Srl, an Italian software solutions company. ILRIS users can now completely automate operations and data processing tasks while controlling the ILRIS remotely through an innovative web-based application. Whether you need to track […]

Facilitating safe drinking water

SuperGIS Desktop 3.1a and SuperGIS Server 3.1a have helped the National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA) in Grenada by supporting its  projects which aim to provide communities with safe potable water supplies. The advancement of technology changes how people use and manage water resources. Today, water treatment makes water reusable for drinking water and industries. […]

Integrated radar inspection system

The Penetradar Integrated Radar Inspection System (IRIS) is an automated radar based system for high-speed, non-destructive surveys, solving the problem of radar data interpretation and ease of use. The IRIS consists of ground penetrating radar, data acquisition hardware and IRIS Software for Windows, all integrated into a highly automated, turn-key inspection system that requires little […]

Agricultural imaging campaign complete

RapidEye’s North American agricultural imaging campaign has been completed successfully. The campaign, which ran monthly from 15 May 2013 through  to 14 September 2013, generated more than 16 million km² of cloud-free imagery over 3 million km² spanning twenty-eight US states and three Canadian provinces. Program subscribers had access to new imagery as it was […]

Ensuring accuracy and speed

The DS total station, with Topcon’s intuitive MAGNET on-board software, is for the professional looking for productivity enhancements to assist with a variety of applications from staking out complex structures to simple topo work. The new Xpointing technology features an intelligent algorithm that automatically collimates to prisms with precisely corrected angle readings, even in dark […]

Certified for underground use

The Topcon IS-3 Imaging Station has been certified “intrinsically safe” for underground use. The IS-3 features the patented prism auto-tracking scanning interface technology, X-TRAC 8 to dramatically increase productivity when used in two-man auto-tracking or single operator robotic modes. When used in conjunction with the brand’s RC-4 remote control system, the IS-3 will track prisms […]

Monitor tyre pressure while navigating

The Zūmo390 motorcycle navigator is a stylish, rugged, sunlight readable and glove-friendly touchscreen device that helps keep motorcyclists on track whether it is for, on or off-road biking. The navigator features Bluetooth wireless technology that allows riders to simply connect their navigator with their mobile phone or a Bluetooth-enabled headset or helmet (sold separately) to […]

Support for spherical imaging system

  Optech’s Lynx MG1 and Lynx SG1 Mobile Mapper product lines now support the use of the Point Grey Ladybug 5 spherical imaging system. The Ladybug 5, which boasts six high-sensitivity 5-Megapixel imagers that cover 90% of a full sphere, offers users more options in assembling a mobile surveying solution optimised to meet their specific […]