Visual technologies puts project stakeholders on same page

Global engineering, design and advisory company Aurecon established Unsigned Studio (formerly Studio Magnified) as a visual communication agency within the company in 2018. The agency’s immersive, interactive visual communications were recently launched in Africa. The offering amalgamates local African creative talent with the global Unsigned Studio powerhouse. The company’s goal is to provide better outcomes […]

Partnership brings web deployment to desktop GIS

Blue Marble Geographics’s partnership with web map service company, MangoMap will enable its users to upload map data directly from the software to an online Mango-hosted map site, which can be easily shared with customers, colleagues, or constituents. The integration of the desktop GIS data processing and analysis functionality with Mango’s web deployment capability provides […]

Printer series allows user customisation

Cannon is updating its i-Sensys laser printer range for user-friendliness and simplicity. The new printers feature a 5 inch LCD touchscreen for one-touch control of daily tasks, along with one touch functionality to display messages, print stored forms, scan to email and copy documents. The enhanced Application Library allows customisation of the function buttons. Set […]

Cloud mapping service makes UK government data available

Data from Ordnance Survey, the national mapping agency of the United Kingdom, is available on MapTiler Cloud, which can be view as web maps, in mobile SDKs or as a GIS service (WMTS) with users’ own map designs. Official data from the UK Government can be used either on a separated map covering only Great […]

Plugin brings maps to design software

Figma is a cloud-based design tool that helps designers and teams work together efficiently. It is an in-browser app that makes sharing files as easy as sharing a link. The design tool has recently launched several plug-ins, one of which is Mapsicle. With the Mapsicle plug-in, users can drop their Mapbox map into a Figma […]

Mapping software integrated into helicopter simulators

Envitia’s high-performance MapLink Pro software has been integrated into the latest helicopter simulators at one of Europe’s leading pilot training centres. The Helicopter Simulation Centre at Agnocillo Base in northern Spain is a facility used by the Aviation Academy of the Spanish Army to provide training to its pilots and maintenance crews. It is also […]

Partnership integrates lidar into security management

CNL Software, a physical security information management (PSIM) software company, is partnering with Cepton Technologies, a developer of 3D sensing solutions. The partnership will drive the automation of threat detection, tracking and escalation in real-time using the latest PSIM, lidar and video assessment technologies. Cepton Technologies’ Helius system is a smart lidar network utilising edge […]

Web map analytics adds news integration partner

Maptiks has announced its integration with Mapbox. The company has been working for the past few months to get its web map analytics to measure the full web map experience of Mapbox. Many organisations using Mapbox are facing a growing need to understand how their geospatial efforts are working in the real world. For this […]

Acquisition drives AI-based customer relationship management

Salesforce, a CRM software provider, has completed its acquisition of Tableau Software, bringing together its CRM with the analytics platform. The acquisition will enable its clients to understand not only their customers, but delivering powerful AI-driven insights across all types of data and use cases for people of every skill level. Tableau will make Salesforce […]

Automated road, building, and vessel detection at scale

Planet’s three Analytic Feeds (Road Detection, Building Detection, and Vessel Detection) can now scale globally and are offered off-the-shelf. Customers can leverage these feeds on top of the company’s satellite imagery products to get automated road, building, and vessel detections over their areas of interest, with no custom builds required. The automated analytic tools employ […]