Ground deformation monitoring with satellite radar sensors

  In the last decade, Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) data have been widely used to detect and measure ground deformation phenomena. Either ground-based, airborne or satellite-borne, radar sensors paved the way to a variety of applications ranging from landslide analyses to subsidence and sinkhole monitoring. While ground-based radar became one of the main tools for […]

Top 10 ways to use GIS in retail banking

  This article describes key applications of geographic information systems that major banking corporations pursue at a head office level. The information is also applicable in most cases to other organisations operating a large number of retail outlets. It was not that long ago that I would be asked regularly at events focused on geographic […]

Impact of geospatial planning on the agricultural sector

  The protection of agricultural land for production purposes plays a major role in ensuring food security for South Africa. Only about 3% of the country’s surface is regarded as having high potential agricultural land. As South Africa is a developing country, great pressure is exerted on the remaining high potential agricultural land for developments […]

Is transport infrastructure serving population and urban growth?

  This study looks at whether or not transport infrastructure is serving population and urban growth in the Johannesburg region. It takes a multifaceted approach and includes spatial analysis, information derived from the Quality of Life (QoL) surveys by the Gauteng City Region Observatory (GCRO), as well as literature reviews. The population of Gauteng has […]

Geospatial solutions for renewable energy

  AAM provides advanced geospatial solutions for the rapidly growing renewable energy sector. To meet the needs of developers, consultants and contractors, the company has established a renewable energy focus group and has to date undertaken numerous projects in the field of wind, solar PV, solar CSP and hydro in Southern Africa and Australia. The […]