Precision over long distances

August 13th, 2014, Published in Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: Vector



Leuze distance sensors have a reputation for accuracy over both small and large distances. They are used everywhere geometric parameters such as height or width need to be determined, and are characterised by high resolving capacity at high measurement rates. The Leuze ODSL 30 is capable of measuring distances on black objects (up to 30 m away) and on bright objects (as far as 65 m away). The sensor resolution of 1 mm facilitates highly accurate measurements with an accuracy ratio of ±2 mm over the complete measurement range. By automatic adjustment of the exposure time to the intensity of light, independence from the reflectivity properties of an object can be achieved, further ensuring the accuracy of the measurement values. The unit also has a referencing function which prevents fluctuations in measurement value. The unit is equipped with an integrated display which shows the measurement values, and this allows the sensor to be easily adapted to the measurement application at hand.

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