Process automation on the move

April 25th, 2016, Published in Articles: Energize, Articles: EngineerIT, Articles: Vector

The Siemens Process Automation (PA) mobile unit, launched on 20 April 2016, features a broad base of technology with wired and wireless communication between the distributed control system and process instrumentation, offering complete solutions across the portfolio as part of Siemens’s digitalisation.


The intention is to take this integrated spectrum of technology to their customers where they can benefit from the exposure to Siemens PA platforms. Customers can engage with the various technologies which include screens for presentations, demonstrations and skills technology transfer. The mobile unit is equipped with the latest technology to enable customers to keep abreast with the company’s innovations. Interacting with the technology in this way assists customers in making informed decisions with their current challenges, specifically in the fields of measurement, analysis, and control of industrial processes. Some of the engineering solutions installed in the mobile unit include the Simatic PCS7, Ultramat gas analysers, level measurement ultrasonic switches, Sitrans T temperature measurement, Coriolis, electromagnetic and ultrasonic flow measurement, Siwarex WP231 weighing and batching systems, and integrated data networks for industrial communication. The mobile unit features five screens displaying technology videos, one swivel out screen to present to customers, wireless microphone and speakers to address customers, inverter powered by multiple builti-in batteries, built in silent compressor for Sipart PS2 positioner demonstrations, a throw switch to allow the bus to be powered by an external supply, air-conditioning independent of the factory supplied bus air-conditioner, counter tops for laptops allow for more detailed product discussions and aluminium tables and chairs to use outside.

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