Promoting land surveying with a global mapping effort

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This week, 16 to 23 June 2019, the global organisation Land Surveyors United is celebrating International Land Surveyors Week. During this week professional land surveyors and surveying students globally celebrate the value of professional land surveyors in society, promote public awareness and introduce careers in surveying to the next generation.

There are dedicated days of the week for all locations to share surveying stories, photos and videos of land surveying in different parts of the world. Sunday 16 June 2019 was Africa Land Surveyors Day and the start of International Surveyors Week. Those based in Africa can still submit their photos and stories to Africa Local Chapters. There is also a South Africa Surveyors group forum for discussing the land surveying profession in South Africa, where land surveyor share ideas, advice, questions, and concerns regarding Surveying in South Africa.

International Land Surveyors Week 2019 programme.

As part of the global celebration, the eight Survey Earth in a Day will take place on Friday 21 June, the solstice, at noon. The goal is to have as many points around the world from as many locations as possible. Land surveyors with access to survey grade GNSS tools and a marker with known elevation coordinates are requested to submit a point to the Land Surveyors United community at noon in their location. All data submitted to Survey Earth in a Day should be in RINEX format to ease post-processing of the data.

The event intends to promote awareness of and a better public understanding of the surveying profession. It aims to inspire a new generation of land surveyors and help close the age and knowledge gap currently holding the profession back. Measurements made on this day will also serve as comparative data from prior events to expand the database of logged points.

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